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We have 2 CNC Machines and 1 large Edgebander all capable of giving a professional finish whilst keeping the cost down.

CNC Machine 1.
Holzher Promaster. This German made versatile machine is capable of machining materials up to 400mm thick. With a cutting area of 1500mm x 3200mm this machine will easily cope with most manufactured boards. The controller on the machine is a Seimans which is the industry standard and can take any size files, this means that complicated shapes with 1000's of control points and many machine passes can be handled.

 CNC Machine 2.
Anderson. This American made machine is capable of machining board sizes of 2100mm x 4000mm it has double vac pumps which allow massive suction to hold down even the smallest of pieces. It has an 8 tool auto changer that is a rapid change whilst incorporating liquid cooled head for consistant cutting and machining of components.

Both our Machines are Matrix bed systems but the Holzher machine can be converted in to running pods for components that need machine work on the edges. We use the latest Version of Alphacam software to program both cnc machines so jobs can be easily moved to one machine or another or even on both machines if time is an issue.

We specialize in quick turnaround work, give us a call and put us to the test. We also have no minimum quantities, we will machine you one component or one million and one components.